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Storm Force - Susannah Sandlin **A review copy of the first four episodes of this serial was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. The complete serial was purchased by the reviewer for this full review.** Susannah Sandlin is one of my favorite authors. I was borderline obsessed with her Penton Legacy series and I’m in love with her Sentinels of New Orleans series, which she writes as Suzanne Johnson. Pretty much any book this woman writes, under whatever name she chooses, I will read. When I was given the opportunity to review the first four episodes of her new Amazon serial, STORM FORCE, I was thrilled to get a taste of something new from her. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the remaining installments so I could finish what started out as a very promising new series. For those of you who read that first review, did you wonder what I thought of the rest of the story? Well, here goes: As expected, I loved it. First of all, STORM FORCE introduces us to a compelling cast of characters. Central to this cast are Jack Kellison, an injured ex-Army Ranger and leader of the special ops team called Omega Force; and Mori Chastaine, an environmental activist accused of committing an act of domestic terrorism – the bombing of a Houston office building. Jack is sent undercover to investigate her and sparks fly. These two have chemistry but they also have secrets. What I love about Jack is he’s this kind of lone wolf character, not many friends, not much family, never wanting to ask for help but does when he needs to; he’s strong but vulnerable, not wanting to reveal his physical pain from an injury that could put his life in danger given his line of work. Mori is also a great character though she could get a bit frustrating. She’s hiding a big secret and I just wanted her to trust Jack. She thinks she’s protecting him but she’s not. When you find out her secret, it’s not hard to understand her trust issues but I still wanted her to get over her stuff and take a leap of faith. Also, the bad guy in this story is a real ass and Mori tended to frustratingly underestimate just what an ass he could be. But what was great about her arc is that, in the end, Mori became pretty kick ass and I loved her transformation from appeasement to kickassery. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the rest of Omega Force. This special ops team is special in more ways than one. They’re skilled and trained but more importantly, Omega Force is made up of both human and supernatural operatives. The supernatural half of the team includes Robin, an eagle shapeshifter, and Archer and Adam, brothers who are shapeshifting jaguars. We also have Nik, Jack’s closest friend, who is human but with a special gift - he can touch an object or a person and get images that tell their history; and finally, there’s the tech genius, Garrett. The interactions between the team members are spot on. I especially like the awkwardness between Robin and Jack. They respect one another but may not like each other. Robin is full of sass and I would love to see another story that focuses on the budding romantic relationship between her and Nik. Atmosphere and a sense of place. These are the things that always stand out to me in Sandlin’s work. You can feel the humidity of the Bayou, the danger of a brewing storm coming for Houston, the streets, the river, the land…I always feel firmly placed in the environment of her characters. And she always writes from what feels like an insider’s knowledge. With STORM FORCE, there’s a pivotal scene in which Mori and Jack are trying to get to his cabin before a monumental hurricane hits and Sandlin did a great job of describing this race against the storm. There was a palatable sense of tension that doesn’t really give up, even when you think they've made it. STORM FORCE is a great new series with endless possibilities. I’m looking forward to seeing where Sandlin decides to go next with this team. The book ends with the opening for a new mission, but also with some heartache. I hope I see more from these guys because I need to know what happens next to this motley cast of characters.**A review copy of the first four episodes of this serial was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. The complete serial was purchased by the reviewer for this full review.** This review is courtesy of the site She-Wolf Reads.