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A Cursed Embrace - Cecy Robson 3.5 Stars!**A review copy of this novel was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**A CURSED EMBRACE is the second book in Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series. This is one of those series that kind of charms you into a tizzy with its action, fun, and wit. At least that’s what it does for me. This second installment was equally as fun as the first, though darker, with some heartache, some adventure, and some serious Wird sister sass. While I admit that I got a little nitpicky on a couple of issues, A CURSED EMBRACE was a good read and a solid follow-up to a series, and an author, with a secure position on my auto-buy list.Robson definitely took us into some darker territory here. Bodies are showing up all over the Tahoe area. Bodies of women with their abdomens torn apart. These gruesome murders are the result of breeding demons and the visuals are so dark, the crimes so gruesome that Robson successfully establishes the pure evil of the enemy and then proceeds to raise the stakes even higher for both the wolves and the Wird sisters. What’s at stake is not only the human world, but also the order of the supernatural world. This battle of light versus dark equals some kick ass action, which Robson always does so well, in addition to truly emotional moments that make you wonder if everyone is going to make it out alive by book’s end. I feel like Robson does this nice sleight of hand where she gives you action, darkness, and violence and then very deftly switches it up with pockets of brightness as seen through the sisters and their relationships with each other. The sisters are hands down my favorite part of this series. They each have unique personalities and powers; they are a tight unit and the best thing about both books is the interaction between the girls which never fails to make me laugh.Central to A CURSED EMBRACE is the relationship between Aric and Celia. For those of us who desperately wanted more of them, Robson gives it to us. And then some. I feel like I can’t say more without spoilers but, boy, does Robson put us through the wringer with these two.I think one of my bigger issues with this second installment really has to do with my expectations. I expected an overall story arc to emerge about the girls and the origins of their powers. The source of their powers is a mystery and I so want that mystery to be solved. I didn’t feel like we got any closer and wondered if we ever would. Also, while I love Celia, I wanted some POV from the other sisters. Shayna and Kodo reach milestones in their relationship, as do Taran and Gemini. In fact, the sexual tension between Taran and Gemini is so built up that, I’ll be honest, I kind of wanted to be there for that moment of resolution. It’s moments like these when Celia’s viewpoint alone just didn’t cut it for me. In fact, by book’s end, I felt like if I don’t get a book from one sister in particular, who I shall not name (read the book and you’ll know what I mean), I might have to get crazy up in here. All in all, A CURSED EMBRACE is a satisfying read. It has the action, romance, and sisterhood shenanigans that I loved from the first book while it added more depth to the relationships we’ve come to love, particularly in terms of Aric and Celia. And while the end kind of left my mouth hanging open, Robson hit us in the heart and I love her for it. Hopefully, we’ll get more from each sister and we’ll get more about what the heck the Wird sisters are. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride. **A review copy of this novel was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**This review is courtesy of the site She-Wolf Reads.