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The Weird Girls - Cecy Robson The plot of this novella is straightforward – four sisters with unusual (understatement) abilities are in the midst of settling into their new Lake Tahoe home when, on a night out to celebrate, one of the sisters, Taran, to be exact, pisses off a witch. And then all hell breaks lose. This is a wonderfully imaginative, action packed story that sets up what looks to be a great new urban fantasy series by debut author, Cecy Robson.From the start, what I loved about this story was its tone. The Weird Girls has a wonderful balance of light and dark. One minute there is a pop culture reference to Beyoncé, snarky comments that make you laugh, and a lighthearted feel to the close bonds shared by these four unique sisters. The next minute there is a sense of violence and tragedy that haunts the Wird sisters and that hints at a dark past. Celia, the oldest, spends the story facing violent trials to the death in an effort to protect her sisters from a crazed witch. And when I say violent, I mean the bloody kind; the kind that shows Celia will do anything to protect those she cares about. I liked this dichotomy, this idea that while these women try to live out their lives as normally as possible, there is nothing they can do to keep the supernatural world, and all of its inherent violence, out of their lives. It also proves that they can rise to the challenge and protect their own. Amid the lighthearted feeling of sisterhood, Robson doesn’t shy away from the dark and the unsettling. She can crack a joke that makes you smile and on the next page write something that totally switches the mood and makes you wonder how Celia is going to survive the next fight.This is also a very imaginative world. The sisters each have unique abilities that set them apart from humans. I also think it sets them apart from other supernaturals but we really only meet witches in this novella. And what absolutely fear inducing witches these are! For me, witches tend to be the least interesting supernaturals in the fantasy world. Kudos to Robson for creating witches that are powerful, clever in their sense of violence, and who also make me step back and think they’re a real force to be reckoned with. We know that vampires and shifters also exist but the Wird girls know very little about this world since they’ve done their best to keep out of it. I think this is a great setup. I assume we’ll learn more about the supernatural alongside the sisters as they struggle to adapt to new rules and relationships.Speaking of relationships…there is a hint of a romance that is just fantastic. A mystery man that haunts Celia’s dreams…I’m dying to know where that storyline is going to take us.Robson writes with a sense of exuberance. I feel like she had as much fun writing The Weird Girls as I had reading it. I can’t wait to see what happens next to these sisters. Something tells me it’s going to be a wild ride.This review is courtesy of She-Wolf Reads.