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What's a Witch to Do? - Jennifer Harlow **An ARC of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**I thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer Harlow’s new release, WHAT’S A WITCH TO DO? It had just the right mix of humor, mystery, and romance to keep me engaged throughout; it also released at a time when I was in the mood for a paranormal/mystery/romance blend the leaned toward the lighter side of the genre. The strength of the story really rests on its main character, Mona McGregor. What I like about her is that, other than being the most powerful witch in North America, she’s just so very relatable. Mona is so…normal. She’s no statuesque model type who can wield a sword and kick vampire ass. She’s a plump, 35 year old, overworked, single mother (to her two nieces) who is so busy doing everything for everyone else that she has no time for herself. Every chapter starts with her to-do list, which is generally a lot, and, as if that’s not enough, she has to add “find who’s trying to kill me” to it. I love that she has to dye the gray out of her hair before a date, I love that she has to think about who’s taking care of the kids before going out to find her potential murderer, I love that she has insecurities, that she’s pulled in different directions on so many levels that every woman can identify with her in some way. Mona is also smart and self-deprecating which makes her fun to follow. And while her powers as a witch I feel were a bit underutilized in the book, her strength and position in the supernatural hierarchy are interesting and I hope these elements will be more developed in subsequent books. The romance here is nicely paced. The relationship between Adam and Mona is slowly developed and realistic. As a beta werewolf, I appreciate the fact that Adam doesn’t display the typical alpha posturing but instead gives Mona what she really needs – help. She’s exhausted between heading a coven, running a shop, raising children…Adam helps her with the day-to-day and while that’s not in the same vein of the grand gesture romance, I found it to be utterly sweet and romantic. The mystery is also well-done. I was absolutely convinced that a certain character was guilty and was a bit surprised I was wrong. I do, however, think that my main suspect will eventually play a major role in this series.Some of my quibbles with the book include the under-displayed strength of Mona’s powers and my confusion with whether the town is aware that witches exist. Mona is the most powerful witch in North America and I want to see her do something a bit more than what she does here. Also, there were references to being discreet about the supernatural world yet Mona holds a coven meeting about demons and such in a public hall. I just didn’t understand how “out” this world is and it took me out of the story at a couple of points. Regardless, WHAT’S A WITCH TO DO? is a fun read. It has romance, mystery, and magic….a sweet love interest, and well-timed humor. I recommend this for anyone who wants a light paranormal mystery centered on a wonderfully relatable heroine.This review is courtesy of the site She-Wolf Reads.