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Leashing the Tempest - Jenn Bennett LEASHING THE TEMPEST by Jenn Bennett was the perfect little novella for me. With the right length and perfect pacing, it gave me a taste of the characters and added some development to the series; it made me feel like I was back home, and then it whet my appetite for more. The Arcadia Bell series is one of my favorites. And what makes it one of my favorites is Jenn Bennet’s ability to really capture the chemistry and camaraderie between Lon, Cady, and Jupe. I love it when writers give the characters moments to just shoot the shit. It makes them more real to me and gives a better understanding of why two characters are together or why they want to actually spend time with one another. Bennett always gives her characters these moments and they’re always pitch perfect. The banter between Jupe, Lon, Cady and Kar Yee made me laugh out loud; it made me want to be on that boat with them…well, until all hell breaks loose.There is magic and mayhem; great dialogue and a sweet moment between Lon and Cady. We learn more about Jupe’s knack and spend more time with Kar Yee. This is a great novella for fans of the series who want more Cady and Co. and can’t wait for the May 2013 release of BINDING THE SHADOWS. I would even go so far as to say that readers new to the series, who would like a taste of Arcadia, could read this one and not be lost yet get a sense of the relationships, writing style, and magic that makes up the series as a whole. Whether you start here or with KINDLING THE MOON, book one, you need to start somewhere – Arcadia Bell is one of the best. And you have until May to get ready for the new release. So, what are you waiting for?This review is courtesy of SHE-WOLF READS.