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Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson What is it about werewolf stories I love so much? When I finished Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson, I knew the answer: I love pack dynamics and mythologies. From Mercy Thompson’s world and, now, to Jessica McClain’s, when I turn the last page and close the book, I always want to join the pack. Carlson knows how to give an action packed opening. Full Blooded starts with Jessica McClain, only daughter of the alpha of the U.S. Northern Territories, at the start of her first change, a change that was never supposed to happen. And this is where I really loved Full Blooded – the werewolf mythology and world. Carlson creates something unique with the idea of a world in which female werewolves don’t exist. Instead, there is the Cain Myth, the superstitious belief that a female werewolf will come along and be the downfall of the entire race. Now, with Jessica’s change, she is the embodiment of what the werewolf world fears most. I love this set up. It puts Jessica at the center of an overwhelming conflict between those who want her dead and those who will do anything to protect her. It provides the perfect backdrop for a heroine to come into her own with plenty of potential for discovery and action.It’s raining men in Full Blooded - her hothead brother Tyler, his flirty friend Danny, James, her father’s second in command, and Nick, her werefox best friend. And then there is Rourke. Oh boy. Great chemistry between Jessica and Rourke. Sexy times. But what the heck is he? I loved that he’s such a badass who can make the wolves sweat yet no one really knows what he is. It’s a mystery that has the potential to play out over the course of the series but I want answers now! Don’t even get me started on the vampires. They were definitely interesting, frightening, and they didn’t sparkle. Full Blooded is an action-packed introduction to an original supernatural world. Carlton has created a new spin on the werewolf mythology and a new heroine who has to navigate this world carefully. Jessica is just coming into her own and I think we’ll all be surprised at her potential and power. Kudos to Amanda Carlton for a refreshing and engaging debut. This review is courtesy of She-Wolf Reads