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Tarnished - Karina Cooper I liked this book. I liked it a lot. From the unique setting of a London above and a London below, to a heroine that is complex and problematic, Tarnished has some very unique qualities that set it apart and make me interested in what happens next to its main protagonist, Cherry St. Croix.The world Cooper created here is fantastic. This is a steampunk Victorian London where the city is divided in two – London above and London below. Due to industrial development, the polluting fog created by factories became a nuisance to London’s wealthy. The answer? Build a London above the fog, or the drift, so that those with money could live above it all. A city built on stilts and flying machines that travel in between is the London in the world of Tarnished. And there is definitely a difference between the two – above is wealth and privilege; below is poverty, thick pollution and crime. This world is so richly imagined that it wasn’t hard to picture it as I was reading. Read the rest of this 3.5 star review at She-Wolf Reads