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Blooded - Amanda  Carlson As you may be able to tell by the title of my blog, She-Wolf Reads, I have a soft spot for werewolf/shape-shifter stories. I adore them. They are probably my favorite supernatural creature in the paranormal/speculative world of fiction. So color me lucky when author Amanda Carlson tweeted a Mother’s Day giveaway for her new e-novella, "Blooded", a story about a young woman who is the daughter of an alpha werewolf, but not a werewolf herself. I immediately entered the giveaway and was lucky enough to receive a copy. And I am so glad I did. This novella has me beyond excited for the release of the full novel, the first in the Jessica McClain series, "Full Blooded."The official synopsis does a good job of summarizing this slim novella, which is only 66 pages, so I won’t rehash this straightforward plot. Let me start instead with what I enjoyed about the novella – Jessica McClain. She is a feisty smart ass with some serious cojones. The story opens with intense action in a fighting ring and it’s a great introduction to Jessica as a character. Right away you see she is brave, smart, if a bit rash, and scrappy as she holds her own in a death match with an alpha werewolf. I enjoyed Jessica’s voice. She always has a comeback even when she is on the road to unconsciousness or being drowned by a werewolf.I also enjoyed the werewolf mythology – Carlson sets the rules up in this novella. Pack dynamics, powers and abilities, weaknesses, key relationships, and the wider world. We know vampires, witches and demons exist here and once Jessica leaves the confines of the compound, I am sure we will meet some along the way.If I can nitpick just one thing, I will say there were some things that felt a bit repetitive. However, I think this may have been the point. Jessica feels she has to constantly defend her desire to leave the compound and give her reasons for what some feel have not been smart choices. But this really is minor. With this novella, I think Carlson gives us an exciting introduction to a new series. The full novel will be released this September. And I’m marking the release date on my calendar! (4.5 Howls)Please visit She-Wolf Reads for more reviews!