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Frost Moon - Anthony Francis This book really has me on the fence. In reading books in the urban fantasy genre, I tend to look for two things: interesting world-building and good characters. Frost Moon does have some appealing world-building – the alternate reality called “Edgeworld” where the vampires, shifters, and magicians reign supreme was definitely interesting. I admit that I felt a little fuzzy on the details of this world but it was interesting nonetheless. And Dakota’s ability to ink magical tattoos was probably the single most unique thing about this story. However, I felt the strong premise and the interesting world weren’t really enough to completely ignore the things that bothered me.While Dakota herself is a somewhat compelling character, I can say without hesitation that I had very little interest in the supporting cast. There were too many love interests who bordered on cliche. There was also a problem with plot development as I felt the storyline was too muddied with subplots. In the end, while I loved the original premise of Frost Moon, I think it missed too many marks for me to wholly recommend it. What it comes down to is whether or not I would read the next book in the series. The answer is no. Please read the full review at www.shewolfreads.wordpress.com