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Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs - Molly Harper Vampires meeting at the Cracker Barrel? Dr. Seuss quotes? This was definitely my kind of read. Let me preface this by saying that the Sookie Stackhouse novels are what turned me on to Urban Fantasy as a genre. I loved the world-building, the characters and the great take on vampires being outed to the human world. Molly Harper’s Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs shares some similarities to the Stackhouse novels – a setting in a small, southern town, vampires living openly among humans on synthetic blood, the idea of using the supernatural community to bring to light the pervasiveness of prejudice, and a small town girl as a lead character. The difference for me is the voice. Jane Jameson is a fantastic lead character. She is smart, witty (with a touch of snark that’s not over the top), and endearingly awkward at the right moments. She is a character you want to spend more time with and I highly recommend that you do. In addition to the wonderful Jane, the supporting characters are also strong. In particular is Jane’s love interest, Gabriel Nightengale. He is a 154 year old vampire, a bit stiff and definitely old-fashioned. Harper does a wonderful job of building tension between Gabriel and the young, sarcastic Jane. This tension keeps the reader on edge, always wondering when and if these two are finally going to get together. What I also liked is that Harper was not afraid to make Gabriel imperfect. She makes a point to remind us about the true nature of vampires, something that Jane herself must come to terms with as well. There was a little twist close to the end that had me reassessing my view of Gabriel, and I liked that I had that moment.The rest of the supporting cast is great – her best friend Zeb (reminiscent of Steve Zahn) is wonderful and the chemistry between he and Jane highlights a great friendship; a ghost for an Aunt; and a dysfunctional family round out some of the main characters. Finally, each chapter is headed by a quote from the Guide from the Newly Dead, a book Jane studies throughout the novel. These quotes are hilarious and add to the tone of the book. The only minuses with Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs are the mystery and the world-building. The mystery surrounding the murder of a vampire and a series of death threats made against Jane and her dog, is not really much of a mystery. I figured out who the villain was fairly quickly. Though I will say that the reveal has Jane uttering a couple of the best lines in the book. Also, while the world-building was not that original, I didn’t mind. It makes me curious to read the next books in the series to see how the world and these relationships develop over time.All in all, I highly recommend Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs. It is a fun, witty, take on the vampire genre with an endearing lead character who made me laugh out loud.www.shewolfreads.wordpress.com