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Undercover Alliance (The Confederacy Treaty, #3) - Lilly Cain Undercover Alliance is the third book in Lilly Cain’s sci fi/erotic romance series, Confederacy Treaty. This book focuses on the Inarrii warrior Sarina, a character who was briefly introduced in the second book The Naked Truth, and her relationship with John Bennings, a human covert operative. Great chemistry between the main characters and an engaging plot definitely made this my favorite of the series.Sarina was a great female lead. As a strong Inarri warrior, she can hold her own in military strategy and physical combat. Her vulnerability lies in her severed L’inar, the nerve endings which respond to strong feelings like sexual arousal, fear and pain. The damaged L’inar prevent her from reaching climax and because sex is such a strong part of Inarri culture, in fact, it is vital to their mental health, she is seen as deficient in the eyes of her people. I loved the strength and complete confidence she has in herself as a warrior. She is fearless and blunt. Fully capable of taking care of herself and her charge. A true warrior woman. Yet this strength and confidence is coupled with a vulnerability that was very believable. She sees herself as broken and I thought it was a compelling juxtaposition to have this kickass warrior woman fighting feelings of insecurity and pain for something she believes she may not be able to change.And John Bennings was a great partner for her. Though undercover as a lawyer, he is every bit the soldier as Sarina is – strong, smart, and brave. He also has his own insecurities about building real relationships with people. Her beauty, brains, and strength are what catches his attention but once they get close it becomes more than sex. What I love is that they both hold on to a hope that what they have together can finally be something different from what they’ve had in the past. The chemistry is great and it gets a bit steamy and tense. By the end, you want these two in it for the long haul and hope they make it.The plot was also engaging and definitely more action packed than the last book in the series. John is targeted for attack and it is up to Sarina to help protect him. They battle terrorists and uncover a plot that threatens the treaty process. The fate of the newly formed relationship between Earth and the Inarrii is held in the balance and I’m looking forward to seeing how Cain resolves this conflict in the next and final installment of the series.Undercover Alliance is another great addition to a fun and steamy series!This review is courtesy of She-Wolf Reads