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The Naked Truth (The Confederacy Treaty, #2) - Lilly Cain The Naked Truth is the second installment in Lilly Cain’s science fiction/erotic romance series, The Confederacy Treaty. Like the first book in the series, Alien Revealed, this one also follows the developing relationship between a human and an Inarri, an alien race looking to enter into an intergalactic treaty with Earth. The Naked Truth picks up where the first one left off and focuses on two characters that made small appearances in the first installment. This is a quick read that packs a steamy punch and it’s a nice addition to what I think is an interesting, sexy sci fi series.The Goodreads summary provides an accurate synopsis of the book so I will go right into what I enjoyed about it. Once again, Lilly Cain does a great job of developing the Confederacy world. The Naked Truth definitely focused more on the Inarri culture as the majority of the story takes place on an Inarri ship. I appreciated that we get a chance to learn more about the Inarri, the act of m’ittar or mind connection, and the role sex plays in relationships and healing. I also liked the fact that the central relationship was much more romantic than the one in the previous book. Susan shares difficult memories with Asler and in return he helps her deal with those memories and comes to admire her strength. Though she questions whether or not to trust him completely, she can’t help but feel safe with him. And, of course, the sexual chemistry between the two is heated but there is a romantic tone to it that I didn’t feel in the first book. I realize this is personal taste but it is one thing I really liked about this second installment compared to the first.Finally, I liked Asler and Susan as characters. I liked her strength and his gentility. They both put a lot on the line and you feel the stakes involved. They are a great couple in the world of the Confederacy.I have a few nitpicks…I did feel that the end was a bit rushed. Asler helps Susan unlock repressed memories of abduction and torture that help reveal something critical to the treaty talks and then she is whisked away by her commander and faces trial. I felt the revelations, trial, and resolution all happened way too quickly. She seems somewhat healed mentally pretty quickly too given the amount of torture she’s experienced. I think there could have been a slower revelation to give more weight to it. Also, there is a scene when Asler and Susan first meet and he basically forces her to wear the pettan, the traditional clothes of the Inarri which is basically a short covering at the waist for men and women. She feels uncomfortable walking around topless but, in order to show her who is in charge, he insists she wear it. I don’t buy that idea given Asler’s character. He would not make her feel even more vulnerable given what she has been through coupled with the fact that he is trying to gain her trust. It stood out to me as false and against character.The Confederacy Treaty is a sexy series and The Naked Truth is a great addition to it. If you are looking for quick, steamy reads for the summer, The Naked Truth would be a good one to add to your list. 3.5 Howls!Review courtesy of She-Wolf Reads