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Easy Pickings - C.E. Murphy, Faith Hunter This was fun. Pure, action-filled fun. If you are a fan of Jane Yellowrock or Joanne Walker then this is a must read – a fun novella to tide you over until the release of the next book in the Yellowrock and Walker series.Weighing in at 81 pages, this is a quick read. It opens with Jane and Joanne suddenly finding themselves in an alternate reality – a New Orleans that exists in another world. They immediately recognize the magic each of them have and team up to figure out where they are and how the hell to get back to their respective worlds. Immediately, they battle a big, bad demon, size each other up and share some mutual respect for one another. Moving from one battle to the next, they are fighting to save New Orleans and themselves. Murphy and Hunter alternate chapters, shifting perspectives between Jane and Joanne. There are some great moments between these two alpha-females:Joanne:There wasn’t any good news. We were utterly and completely boned. I said, “Try not to kill anybody,” to Jane, and then we met the onslaught.And then, later, Jane:I liked Jo. She didn’t get all girlie, despite her feelings about not killing things. People. Whatever.I would say this novella was really about putting two characters, cut from the same cloth, together in a different world and standing back and watching them kick some butt, exchange some great dialogue, and observe one another. There is non-stop action and, if you are a Skinwalker fan, the emergence of some familiar characters makes it even more fun. I would not recommend this as an intro. I think you need to have read at least one of these series in order to really enjoy it. This is definitely one for the fans who want to see their favorite characters do what they do best.Please visit She-Wolf Reads for more.